Advice to Ukraine on agricultural trade issues under the deep and comprehensive Free-Trade Agreement (DCFTA) between the EU and Ukraine

Aim of the project is to support The Ukrainian agro-food companies to identify European export markets to penetrate these, to consolidate and to grow as well as to prepare for the opening of their own markets; furthermore German companies are better informed on agricultural trade issues with the Ukraine.

Activities include

  • Establishment of the project office and establishment of the Export Help Desk in the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture (MAPE).
  • During various business events in different regions of Ukraine: lectures of the help desk expert about the potentials of the help desk for exporters.
  • Training of the help desk expert and a MAPE employee in Brussels on export issues.
  • Planning, organization and development of a market study on export potentials for Ukrainian (niche) products. The following products have been identified as particularly promising: organic products in general, different berries, vegetables (especially garlic and cultures from greenhouses, beans, mainly chick peas), fruits and vegetables walnuts.
  • Planning, organizing and conducting a study on export opportunities for German producers in the Ukraine: held interviews with the associations which have the greatest potential in the Ukrainian market (German sweets, German meat, Dairy Industry Association, Export Breweries and Eastern Committee of the German Economy).
  • Preparation of a "Practical Guide for agricultural exporters to the EU".
  • Planning, organization and conduction of export trainings in different regions of the Ukraine with the aim of informing the participants about certification, standardization and further requirements for trade with EU countries and providing suggestions on specific processes at the market entry.
  • Planning, organization and market exploration trips "German-Ukrainian Food Forum" to Berlin and Hamburg with the aim of bringing Ukrainians closer to the EU, especially to Germany, and to familiarize them with the structures of the retail trade. In addition, logistics questions were discussed at the example of the container terminal in Hamburg
  • Develop a handout on the benefits and opportunities of a membership in the Enterprise Europe Network, the world's largest network for SMEs with international trade ambitions. The document is to help Ukrainian SMEs to find partnerships in global trade.
  • MAPE advising and developing an agricultural trading group - a multi-actor platform with representatives from politics, business and science - on the export of agricultural products from Ukraine.
  • Commitment in the field of organic products: Participation in an international conference in Frankfurt on the traceability of Ukrainian raw materials from organic production as well as at Biofach 2017.
  • Preparation of a manual on the specific EU regulations for the export of Ukrainian eco-products to the EU, which is to help exporters to deal with the specific requirements
  • Investigation on the opportunities and limitations of social media in the Ukraine currently running projects of the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture
  • Regular coordination meetings with all running BMEL projects in Ukraine.
Europe / CIS
Project number: 
2016-01-01 to 2018-12-31
GFA Consulting Group/German Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)