Development of the Northern Pacific Coast of Nicaragua (DECOPANN)

The objectives of the project was to support the efforts of the Nicaraguan Government in achieving sustainable social and economical development in 9 municipalities of the north pacific region. The project helped the local municipality's producer's organisations and actors of the civil society providing advice and technical assistance in identifying their priorities and in planning their interventions aimed at improving the agricultural and animal breeding productions and in promoting the diversification of the agricultural production. All adopted measures ensure environmental sustainability and gender equity. The project provided funds for co-financing production, marketing and processing activities, facilitated training access and courses for the beneficiaries, supported and strengthened the local municipalities and provided expertise and advice for the rehabilitation and improvement of local social and economical infrastructures.

Services included:

  • Improvement of community development, institution building and strengthening of financial institutions
  • Management support to local Communities and Municipalities in projects’ proposal preparations, feasibility studies and facilitate contacts with national and international funding sources
  • Support of rural producers’ and services’ organisations
  • Improvement of agricultural and livestock production
  • Rehabilitation/construction of production and social infrastructures
  • Enforcement of financial institutions and rural credit management
  • Creation and support of Small and Medium Enterprise Development and Business Planning
  • Training of the beneficiaries communities in constructing and providing the required maintenance of the rural infrastructures
  • Establishment and strengthening of network amongst public and private institutions/organizations
Central and South America / Caribbean
Project number: 
Proatec (I) Lead, BCEOM (F)
2002-05-28 to 2007-12-31