ILWS – Initiative Rural Rehabilitation Syria 2

The General Organisation for Seed Multiplication (GOSM) is one of the most important productive organisations belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of the Syrian Interim Government. GOSM is interested in supporting farmers, providing to them, at reduced price, technical services and all the requirements needed by the agricultural production such as good, sifted and treated seeds, in addition to fertilizers and other needs.

The assignment focuses on the organisational restructuring, strengthening and capacity development support for GOSM. A reformed and strengthened GOSM will be able to steer and develop the Syrian agricultural sector in a sustainable manner. It will be able to draft and implement projects for the benefit of the Syrian population. This supports the agricultural development, ensures food supply and contributes to the creation of job opportunities. Within this assignment the following areas are addressed:

  • Organisational development to enable GOSM to fulfil their mandate with an effective workflow, efficiently and transparency;
  • Re-orientation and training for staff members in the reformed structures;
  • Overall HR development concept.


Services provided

  • Needs assessment of the organisational changes and the future way of thinking
  • Organisational assessment and development of GOSM
  • Establishment of an integrated organisational development approach
  • Development of a strategic development process which aims at designing a vision as an image of the future
  • Identification and implementation of appropriate capacity building measures at both organisational and individual level
  • Development of a Human Resource Manual & Policies
  • Development of a Financial Management Manual & Policies
  • Project Cycle Management & Fundraising Training


Project number: 
2018-01-01 to 2018-12-31