Implementation of training programmes for the benefit of agricultural sector institutions and actors in Algeria

The EU-funded "Programme for Economic Diversification" (Programme Diversification de l’Economie - DIVECO) had the objective of progressively reducing this dependency and diversifying in order to exploit the potential of other sectors beside oil and gas. It supported the Government of Algeria in the implementation of the national diversification strategy in the had been an overall need to strengthen the technical knowledge and skills of its actors (both public and private, technical institutes, research and training centres, agricultural chambers, etc.) through tailored training programmes in particular with respect to the following fields:

  1. Dissemination of good agricultural practices;
  2. Labelling, certification and traceability of agricultural products;
  3. Support to animal and plant health services;
  4. Elaboration of agricultural policies and strategies as well as local development plans;
  5. Organisation of Training of Trainers (ToT) in agricultural techniques, management of marketing structures and trade channels, including for imports and exports.

The overall objective of the project was to further develop and strengthen the skills of the agricultural sector’s human resources in order to enable them to contribute efficiently to the realization of the "Algerian Policy of Agricultural and Rural Modernization".

AFC organised and delivered training sessions for agricultural sector staff on topics identified by MADR and based on the training plan prepared by DIVECO in close consultation with the MADR Directorate of Training, Research and Extension.

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2013-02-04 to 2015-02-03