Market and Feasibility Study on Value Chain Agro-Finance in the Kyrgyz Republic

The objective of the market feasibility study on agriculture, agribusiness and agri-finance in Kyrgyzstan was to provide a detailed analysis that will enable KfW to:

  • Build a solid understanding of promising commodity groups in the country.
  • Identify the business models which financial institutions do and can deploy.
  • Build a solid understanding of subsistence vs. commercial small farmers.
  • Identify the most competent financial institutions (or facilities) for agri-finance.
  • Support banks in building or expanding business models.
  • Identify long term financing possibilities of farming and agro-production equipment.
  • Be able to select from at least four potential KfW engagements in Kyrgyzstan. 

Services included:

  • Analysis of at least three promising commodity value chains, key players and drivers.
  • Assess government policies, regulations and instruments that impact agriculture and agri-finance in these commodity groups and overall.
  • Analysis of demand for agri-solutions and agri-finance.
  • Analysis for agri-finance supply.
  • Recommend at least four projects suitable for potential KfW engagement in the respective commodity groups.
  • Preparation of analytical reports:
Europe / CIS
Kyrgyz Republic
Project number: 
2014-03-01 to 2014-06-30