Pro-poor growth and promotion of employment in Nigeria (SEDIN): Access to Finance Unit

The objective is to improve the access of selected sectors MSMEs to financial services and support the selected Microfinance banks (MFB) and the Association of Nigeria Microfinance Banks.

More specifically, the aim is to improve the delivery of adequate financial services for MSMEs and start-ups. In addition, the MFBs are to be enabled on the consulting services to improve the quality of their financial services and to ensure the sustainability of their business.

  1. To improve the delivery of adequate financial services for MSMEs and start-ups.
  2. MFB should be advised and supported to improve their economic management, operational efficiency and sustainability of their business.
  3. Strengthen activities of Association of Nigeria Microfinance Banks.
  4. Improve microfinance banks supervision and regulation

Services provided

  • Advise to partner MFBs in business management and operational efficiency and sustainability
  • Support partner MFBs in risk management, internal control and fraud prevention
  • Capacity building of partner MFBs in Responsible Finance and Social Performance Management.
  • Development of new financial services and products (including digital) for MSMEs (including agriculture sector)
  • Implementation and/or improvement of existing monitoring (like CAMEL ratios), FarmFit and other tools.
  • Periodic monitoring of the partner MFBs
  • Support Central Bank and other governmental institutions on requested microfinance sector topics
  • Training and dissemination of materials on financial literacy related topics
  • Strengthening the entrepreneurial and management skills of MSMEs in selected sectors


Project number: 
2018-09-01 to 2020-02-29