Promotion of private-sector development in the wine sector in Georgia

The main objective of the intervention was to support and to further develop the GIZ program Private Sector Development South Caucasus.


  • Support NWA in the definition of detailed specifications for qvevri wines
  • Assessment of the hygienic status of Qvevri pots => recommendations were given on how Qvevri pots can be cleaned properly and kept clean throughout the full year so that contaminations are reduced to a minimum.
  • The Qvevri methodology requires intense care for hygiene and fermentation control as any “impurity” can introduce microorganisms that are not always beneficial. => recommendations were developed, discussed and introduced so that this part of the wine identity can be maintained while achieving a high quality.
  • Inspection in vineyards and grape production, appraisal of the Qvevri wine production process and inspection of the cellars.
  • Study on Economics of Qvevri wine production
  • Qvevri pot analysis
  • Definition of a Qvevri Wine identity
  • Elaboration of a business plan for the cluster members
  • Registration of the Qvevri Wine cluster as a trademark in Germany
  • Organisation of a first German-Georgian Qvevri Wine Fair
  • Harmonisation of wine to custom requirements
  • Advise NWA in preparation in cluster management practices
  • Support NWA in the definition of road map for vineyard catastre to achieve countrywide coverage
  • Accompany NWA in optimising their data collection and processing activities  (data entry, interpretation and application)
  • Analyse existing wine/vine legislation famework in Georgia in the context of DCFTA, Support NWA in the preparation of amendments to the existing framework in harmonization with EU regulatory framework
  • Analyse training needs of the NWA Degustation Committee, adapt and prepare training concept and material
  • Preparation of wine manual
  • Support local partners in the institutional set-up of wine education centre (including facilitation of exchange between Georgian key actors and German TVET institutes); integration of  the dual education system in Georgia in the educational regulatory frame
  • Promotion campaign for dual system


Europe / CIS
Project number: 
DLG TestService
2015-01-01 to 2016-10-31