Renewable Energy Programme (REP)

The Renewable Energy Programme (REP) has been implemented to improve the access to energy from renewable sources, focusing especially on income-generating activities. The present assignment aims at providing long-term support and strategic consultancy to the Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) to ensure an efficient and successful implementation of the REP. IDCOL was established in 1997 by the Government of Bangladesh, to help ensure economic development of the country and improve the standard of living of the people through sustainable and environment-friendly investments.


We provide long-term support and strategic consultancy to IDCOL in:

  • The design and implementation of targeted capacity and training measures for IDCOL employees, existing and potential customers including on-the job training, conferences and workshops during project implementation

  • Strengthening of the institutional framework

  • Strengthening IDCOL’s outreach to establish a sound pipeline of potential RE projects to be funded by IDCOL


Together with GOPA Intec, we provide the following services:

COMPONENT A – Commercial and industrial PV rooftop power plants

  • To analyze IDCOL’s existing financial product portfolio, including eligibility criteria and check the suitability for C&I PV rooftop projects

  • To check the suitability and accuracy of the existing IDCOL financial tool used for the financial assessment of PV rooftop project proposals.

  • Development of financial products and concepts for eligible investments in grid-connected PV plants

  • Empanelment of external consultants to enlarge IDCOL’s pool of qualified technical experts

  • Building-up the REP project pipeline to consolidate IDCOL’s position in the C&I PV rooftop market

  • Support of project appraisal process and monitoring. Analyze IDCOL’s project data collection and appraisal approach, compare it with the current regulations of the Central Bank

  • Design of a digitalisation process supporting the appraisal process. Identify meaningful possibilities for automatic data processing

  • Capacity building and training


COMPONENT B – Other renewable technologies

  • Review of IDCOL’s existing financial product portfolio for standard RE applications such as solar PV based mini-grids, solar irrigations pumps, medium-sized biogas plants and domestic biogas plants.

  • Technical and management support for specific technologies

  • Support investment projects

  • Support of impact assessment and monitoring

Asia (excl. CIS)
Project number: 
GOPA Intec
2020-02-01 to 2024-12-31