Setting-up a Joint German-Chinese Pilot Farm in Ganhe

The aim of the project was to improve agricultural production by using German agricultural machinery and production methods with highest standards. In order to achieve this objective, the Chinese partners provided 1,000 ha of land and all inputs for crop production. The agricultural equipment such as harvesting machine, tractors, sprayers, etc. was provided by private German companies (LEMKEN, CLAAS, GRIMME and RAUCH).

Results achieved in Phase I (2008-2011)

  • The pilot farm in Ganhe was set-up.
  • An analysis of the current production methods and the farm organisation was carried out.
  • Measures for improvement of soil fertility, tillage, fertilisation, plant protection and crop rotation were tested in field trials.
  • Project staff was trained in modern / adapted cultivation methods and farm management and organisation.
  • Experts from the agricultural sector and lecturers from technical schools received training in form of seminars.
  • Links to local, regional and national institutions in the agricultural sector were established and encouraged to work with the project in order to multiply results achieved in Ganhe farm.

Results achieved in Phase II (2012-2014)

  • Rehabilitation of the heavily degraded soils at project start. Due to adapted crop production, fertiliser and plant protection strategies, improved soil preparation a measurable improvement of soil structure, soil fertility and reduction of erosion could be achieved.
  • Agricultural managers, experts and teachers / lecturers were trained in modern agricultural production technologies and farm management.
  • Dissemination of project achievements and results through regular field days, press conferences, articles, brochures etc.
Asia (excl. CIS)
Project number: 
DLG International (lead)
2008-10-28 to 2014-12-31