Sino-German Crop Production and Agricultural Technology Park, Phase II

The aim of the project is to improve agricultural production by introducing modern German agricultural machinery and production methods with highest standards. In order to achieve this objective, the Chinese partner (SKIAD) will provide 150 ha of land and inputs for crop production trial and demonstration purposes. The agricultural equipment such as harvesting machine, tractors, sprayers, etc. is provided by private German companies.

Phase 2 of the project will concentrate on consolidating results of phase 1, continue with the introduction of new crop rotations and cultivation methods, continue trials and demonstrations in cooperation with scientific institutions and develop a new training concept and a strategy for dissemination of project results.

Services provided
Field trials and demonstrations

  • Develop improved and sustainable production methods on the demonstration and trial fields in order to achieve soil rehabilitation and improvement
  • Testing of new crop rotations
  • Demonstration of how the potential of crop production using modern technology and management principles can be maximised
  • Testing of agricultural machinery under prevailing local conditions
  • Evaluation of the effects of modern technology on yields, cost efficiency etc. through scientific research


  • Development of an overall training concept for a development of a training centre on the farm
  • Training in crop production, soil preparation, proper use and handling of fertiliser and chemicals, sustainable production techniques for rice, wheat and other crops.
  • Training in farm planning and management (economic and investment planning, crop rotation, management of the work force etc.)
  • Training of Trainers and training of multipliers
  • Specialised training courses for project staff and SKIAD state farm managers

PR Measures

  • Elaboration of a concept for a project platform for information exchange
  • Dissemination of results in agricultural journals and magazines
  • Organisation of yearly field days, demonstration days, study tours and press conferences

Complementary Work

  • Overall project management and reporting
  • Cooperation and coordination of activities with public and private partners
  • Organisation of project events in cooperation with the German-Chinese Agriculture Centre in Beijing and participation in trade fairs in China


Asia (excl. CIS)
Project number: 
DLG International, IAK Agrar Consulting
2018-08-01 to 2021-07-31
GFA Consulting Group/German Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)