Strengthening the back office AB Rwanda

The project supports ABR in two ways: improve efficiency (digital services, call centre handing) and client contact (social management and marketing approach). The overall goal of the project is to remain close to the client and to continue providing client oriented services.

Module 1: strengthen Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS)
ABR collects Environmental and Social data and wants to strengthen its approach and operationalize ESMS in the organisation. The focus of this module is therefore on improving the way ABR collects and uses ESMS-data. The project’s objective is a proposal how to strengthen collecting and using ESMS-data, including issues such as following Client Protection Principles and client financial literacy

Module 2: set-up digital finance (DF) change management
The module’s objective is on strengthening ABR’s digital finance strategy and developing a DF change management process.

Module 3: call centre set-up
The objective of this module is to strengthen ABR’s marketing approach, specifically regarding developing its call centre. The goal is a clear approach how to set-up and operate a call centre.

Services provided

Module 1: strengthen Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS)

  • defining responsibilities of ABR’s ESMS approach
  • providing training on ESMS monitoring & evaluation
  • setting-up a straightforward ESMS reporting approach
  • developing a 3-year ESMS strategy
  • developing an ESMS training module for all staff

Module 2: set-up digital finance (DF) change management

  • analysis of ABR’s current digital finance approach
  • analysis how DF can impact ABR’s operations and staff
  • developing a change management process for ABR’s digital finance strategy

Module 3: call centre set-up

  • Developing a call centre approach including budget, targets, policies & procedures, quality control & evaluation, staffing needs


Project number: 
2018-09-01 to 2019-05-31
Nordic Microfinance Initiative