Sustainable Economic Development Programme (SEDIN)/ Intervention Area 2: “Private Sector Development”

The Programme aims at increasing the employment and income situation of SMSEs in selected sectors.

The technical assistance focuses on improving the political and economic framework, the services for MSMEs and their management capacities. Services include:

  • Supporting transparency and identification of economic and/or political obstacles in the MSME sector.
  • Introduction of a political dialogue.
  • Elaboration of proposals and solutions with private and public stakeholders to overcome the obstacles.
  • Elaboration of concrete implementation plans and provision for political decision makers.
  • Supporting relevant actors in the adaptation of their development strategy.
  • Capacity development of public and private service providers in order to strengthen their ability to deliver demand-oriented services to producers, processors and traders along the value chains.
  • Mobilisation and support of public and private partners for the development and maintenance of new networks.
  • Elaboration, introduction and promotion of information and communication platforms.
  • Sensitization and information on trade and product registration under the ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme.
  • Technical assistance to producers and processors regarding production technologies and quality assurance, marketing and registration.
  • Collection of business ideas and development of business models using the SME Business Training and Coaching Loop.
  • Development of management capacity of MSMEs using the new GIZ “SME Business Training and Coaching Loop”.
  • ToT of “SME Business Training and Coaching Loop” Trainers.
  • Consulting MSMEs in the implementation of profitable and sustainable business models.
  • Consulting and coaching MSMEs in the establishment of business to business relationships.
  • Strengthen the use of information and communication networks between MSMEs.
  • Supporting stakeholders in the set-up of value chain councils on federal and regional level.
Project number: 
2017-01-04 to 2019-03-31