Technical assistance for the implementation of the Support programme for agricultural financing and inclusive sectors in northern Madagascar (AFAFI North)

The agricultural sector (Agriculture-Livestock-Fisheries AEP) is particularly important in Madagascar since it concerns three quarters of the country's population. Despite its importance, the sector remains relatively unproductive and represents only 25-30% of GDP, with a low growth rate of 1-2% per year. As a result, the sector is unable to meet the food needs of a constantly growing population (growth of about 2.9% per year) or to increase its income. The deterioration of production conditions, the environment and access to markets, services as well as the insufficient diversification of regional economies, isolation and poor governance, have contributed to weakening the standard of living, food and nutritional security of rural households in Madagascar.

The project provides technical assistance for the implementation of the AFAFI-North programme with the overall objective of promoting a sustainable, inclusive and efficient agricultural sector in northern Madagascar.

The specific objective of the project is to provide support to the Office of the National Authorising Officer and certain directorates of the MPAE, MRHP and MEEF and - as required - certain other


Services provided:

  • Establishment of technical assistance in the capital and the three regions and an administrative, financial and technical support system
  • Support to the Office of the National Authorising Officer and the regional directorates in charge of AEP
  • Ensure the reporting of the programme and the exchange with the EU delegation
  • Technical support to Regional Programme Management Units in the implementation of their activi-ties in the fields of rural engineering (hydro-agricultural, road and storage infrastructure), livestock production and natural resource management
  • Facilitation of spatial planning approaches (Municipal planning schemes and regional spatial planning schemes)
  • Support for programme monitoring and evaluation
  • Communication facilitation and visibility
  • Knowledge capitalization and continuous improvement
Project number: 
2018-07-01 to 2023-07-31