Technical assistance for the implementation of the Support programme for agricultural financing and inclusive sectors in northern Madagascar (AFAFI South)

The agricultural sector (Agriculture-Livestock-Fisheries AEP) is particularly important in Madagascar since it concerns three quarters of the country's population. Despite its importance, the sector remains relatively unproductive and represents only 25-30% of GDP, with a low growth rate of 1-2% per year. As a result, the sector is unable to meet the food needs of a constantly growing population (growth of about 2.9% per year) or to increase its income. The deterioration of production conditions, the environment and access to markets, services as well as the insufficient diversification of regional economies, isolation and poor governance, have contributed to weakening the standard of living, food and nutritional security of rural households in Madagascar.

The overall objective of the AFAFI South programme (11th EDF) is to contribute to the reduction of poverty among rural populations in southern and south-eastern Madagascar, in the Androy, Anosy and Atsimo Atsinanana regions.  The specific objectives of AFAFI-South are: (i) inclusive, equitable and sustainable agricultural development, (ii) improving food security, nutritional situation and resilience to climate hazards of rural households and (iii) development of selected inclusive value chains.

The AFC, I&D and Agrotec consortium will implement technical assistance to the AFAFI South Programme in Madagascar. The objective is to support the National Authorising Officer in the management of all AFAFI South Programme activities, in order to ensure proper coordination of activities carried out in the regions and by the various ministries, organisations and operators selected. The TA will support the Office of the National Authorising Officer and certain departments of the Ministry to the Presidency in charge of Agriculture and Livestock (MPAE), the Ministry of Fisheries Resources and Fisheries (MRHP) and the Ministry of the Environment, Ecology and Forests (MEEF) and - depending on the needs - certain other technical ministries (in charge of land, nutrition, decentralization, etc.) in order to ensure efficient and effective implementation throughout the implementation of the AFAFI South Programme.

Services provided:

  • Establishment of technical assistance and an administra-tive, financial and technical support system
  • Support for the preparation, management and closure of the Programme Estimate (PE) and Annual Work Plans (AWP)
  • Support for procurement under the PE, AWP, grant con-tracts and indirect GIZ management contracts
  • Support for financial, administrative and contractual moni-toring
  • Support for programme management and coordination
  • Support for the reporting of the programme and exchange with the EU delegation
  • Punctual technical support in the implementation of activi-ties - support the coordination and monitoring unit, the various sectoral ministries, research institutes, regional directorates as well as local authorities, grassroots communities, farmers' organizations and other associations / groups of beneficiaries
  • Facilitation of "integrated" rural development approaches - such as communal or regional development schemes (SAC, SRAT)
  • Support for programme monitoring and evaluation
  • Communication facilitation and visibility
  • Knowledge capitalization and continuous improvement


Project number: 
I&D, Agrotec spa
2018-11-01 to 2023-05-31