German-Ukrainian expert dialogue on the sustainable development of the fruit and vegetable sector

TVET specialist
Eastern Europe
English. Knowledge of German, Ukrainian or Russian is an advantage
Monday, November 28, 2022

The project aims to make a key contribution to strengthening the fruit and vegetable sector in Ukraine. The focus is on agricultural dialogue with the partner ministries for agricultural policy and food as well as education and science and downstream institutions to improve the framework conditions in the fruit and vegetable sector, especially with regard to production and marketing. The focus is on agricultural policy and institutional advice for key institutions, strengthening education and training and agricultural extension, and promoting investment and business start-ups. The project follows a regional approach with a focus on the Vinnytsia oblast, one of the main fruit and vegetable growing regions in Ukraine. It is thus also intended to support the current decentralisation efforts of the Ukrainian government.


Tasks of the Expert

  • Coordinate and ensure the coherence of all project activities of results area 2 (vocational education and training as well as agricultural extension in relation to fruit and vegetable growing in Vinnytsia oblast) with LTE 3.
  • Preparation, drafting of terms of reference and supervision of STEs (Short term experts) missions carried out within the framework of the activities of results area 2 under the responsibility of LTE 2.
  • Interaction and project coordination with relevant project partners and stakeholders, both in Ukraine and in Germany, in the activities of Results Area 2 that fall within the remit of LTE 2.
  • Participation in technical and contractual project reports within the scope of responsibility of LTE 2
  • The organisation, together with LTE 3, of meetings of the technical steering group of results area 2 (vocational education and training, as well as agricultural extension in relation to fruit and vegetable growing)
  • Technical implementation of the following results area activities 2:
    • Formulation of a regional strategy for the promotion of fruit and vegetable growing in Vinnytsia oblast
    • Improve the quality and quantity of fruit and vegetables education and training courses offered, especially at the Illintsi Agricultural College.
  • Design and implementation of a public relations campaign to communicate the project's successes and lessons learned

    Qualifications of the Long-term TVET specialist (part-time, 330 days)

    • Master's degree in horticultural or agricultural sciences, pedagogy or another subject relevant to the project
    • Experience in the field of agricultural vocational education and training (TVET), incl. EU standards
    • Experience in the development of agricultural TVET concepts/strategies
    • Very good knowledge of English (minimum criterion). Knowledge of German, Ukrainian or Russian is an advantage.
    • Professional experience in Ukraine or Central and Eastern Europe
    • Skills in conceptual and strategic work



    Start / Duration: 

    Three years estimated to start in January 2023


    Please upload your updated CV here