Horticulture Value Chain Promotion

Agricultural production (vegetables) Expert
Central Asia
Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The objective of the consulting services is to ensure the effective implementation of the Two-step loan Projects and also to expand the project beneficiaries not only to the target End-users of the Two-step loan but also to surrounding potential End-users through the following works:

  • Capacity building to Project implementation Unit (“PIU”) and Participatory Financial Institutions (“PFIs”) for the implementation and management of the Two-step Loan Operation (e.g. smooth implementation of the Two-step loan operation, monitoring and reporting, due diligence of banks and leasing companies as PFIs)
  • Capacity building to PFIs for credit risk Management (e.g. diagnosis of the current PFIs capacity, improving credit scoring system, improving credit analysis and advisory capacity for small scale farmers/households (herein after referred to as “small farmers”
  • Capacity building to PIU and PFIs for Environment and Social Management (e.g. assist to PFIs to comply with Environmental and Social Consideration Guideline, improve Environmental and Social Management System, monitoring and reporting)
  • Capacity building to PIU and PFIs for women mainstreaming
  • Capacity building to horticulture crop growers including small farmers (e.g. conducting seminars and workshops, training of trainers, advisory services to End-users, Farmers Field School).
  • Capacity building to agro-related companies (e.g. conducting seminars and workshops, arrangement of study tours, business matching, introducing new technology)
  • Capacity building on the monitoring of project indicators to PIU
  • Coordination and public relations in PIU
  • Strategy development of a) seedling development, b) greenhouses, c) processing, d) product quality improvement, and e) logistics.

Education: should have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in agriculture.


  • Working experience of over 10 years;
  • Experience working in more than 2 developing countries;
  • Consulting experience in vegetable production sub-sector including organization of demonstration plots in at least 3 projects.
  • Preferably have a professional exposure to dry areas such as Middle East and Central Asian countries

Tasks of the expert: 

  • Capacity building for the horticulture producers
  • To conduct seminars or workshops to horticulture crop growers in order to introduce Two-step loan of the Project, basic business management and outline of the TA. (every year during the implementation of the TA)
  • To provide on-demand technical advices to End-users (horticulture crop growers) upon the request directly from them or indirectly from PFIs or other channels.
  • To conduct training of trainers for the extension service providers such as AKIS, agronomists of PFIs, staff of National Farmer’s Council and private agro-consulting companies which potentially provide technical advices to horticulture crop growers.
  • To organize Farm Field School in collaboration with demonstration plots, agriculture-related universities and regional core farmers/agro-enterprises.
  • To summarize and put into public relations if there are excellent producers’ cases applying advanced horticulture production technologies cases.
  • To evaluate the outcomes of the TA, finalize FFS training materials and distribute the FFS training materials together with recommendations to the related governmental authorities (e.g. AKIS) and regional universities.


Start / Duration: 

18 months over the duration from June 2023 for two years


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