Tajikistan_Feasibility Study for Establishment of Fruit Cluster in Sugdh Province of Tajikistan

Islamic Development Bank
Short Term Experts
Asia (incl. CIS)
English, Russian
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The main objective of the proposed Technical Assistance (TA) Grant is to increase both domestic and international competitiveness of selected high value fruit commodities with a focus on agro processing and value chain development. The TA has been jointly developed by IDB and ICD to cover both the public and private sector engagement in establishing the fruit cluster in the province. Knowledge based solutions are required to make the fruits and fruit products of Tajikistan competitive in the international market.

Tasks within this study could include:

·        Review the existing status of all horticultural production, value-addition processes, economic, technological, institutional, legal and infrastructural requirements to access a set of target markets

·        Assess the economic and financial viability of the initiative and propose feasible strategies, activities, appropriate technologies as well as best management practices along with alternative arrangements

·        Prepare an investment plan outlining the role of public and private sector and other stakeholders including development partners and civil society organizations.

·        Conduct a 2-days workshop for MoA staff in order to provide hands-on training on the project finding. 


The team of consultants will include qualified personnel with the following profile:

·        Extensive experience in all aspects of horticultural value chain development, cluster formation and agricultural trade;

·        Ability of strategic thinking with innovative ideas based on practical experiences related to value chain development and international trade financing solutions;

·        Expertise covering production, processing, marketing, value chain development, agricultural trade as well as strategic and policy aspects to provide expert services for establishment of the fruit cluster

·        Previous work experience in Tajikistan and/or wider CIS region is a strong asset.

Specific technical skills and expertise of the short-term experts:

·        Agricultural/horticultural production, crop management, crop protection, soil and irrigation management, harvest and post-harvest management;

·        Value chain analytical and benchmarking relevant to the industry;

·        Business development services, a good understanding of agribusinesses and enterprise development using value chain;

·        International Trade, Economics and Marketing.

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