Tajikistan_Preparing the Financial Sector and Fiscal Management Improvement Program

Financial Sector Specialist/ Team Leader (6 person months)
Asia (incl. CIS)
English, Russian
open to ADB member countries
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is preparing the Tajikistan Financial Sector and Fiscal Management Improvement Program. The program concept was approved in December 2019 and aims to support the Government of Tajikistan with reforms to create a more stable financial system, enhance access to financial services, and improve fiscal management to accelerate sustainable private sector growth.

The program will (i) enhance banking sector stability, (ii) improve the enabling environment for the financial sector, and (iii) strengthen public financial management. The program will support the government’s reform agenda in the national development strategy up to 2030, and includes two subprograms to be implemented during 2020–2021.

Output 1: Individuals deposit insurance fund strengthened. 

Output 2: Macroprudential supervision improved.

Output 3: Financial sector strategy developed. T

Output 4: Government securities market strengthened.

Output 5: Financial sector legal and regulatory framework reviewed and revised. 

Output 6: Public expenditure management improved.

Major responsibilities of the Team Leader include, though not limited to, the following activities:

·        Prepare a financial sector strategy and road map, including steps to rehabilitate the banking industry and enable greater competition, and support operationalization;

·        Finalize the stand-by financing facility for the Individuals Deposit Insurance Fund (IDIF) with the Ministry of Finance (MOF);

·        Review the IDIF operational framework, investment policy and bank liquidation arrangements, provide recommendations for improvement and support implementation;

·        Provide training and workshops for MOF and National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) staff on the financial sector strategy and IDIF financing facility.


All international experts will have

  • At least 7 years of experience of working in their field of expertise in several countries (experience in the Central Asia region will be an advantage) including experience working with government agencies
  • Relevant educational background
  • Deep understanding of issues and proven strong background pertaining to their area of expertise.

The consultants will have strong analytical and leadership expertise in identifying strategic policy options and recommending reforms. They must also demonstrate strong writing skills in English, as evidenced by publications of relevant reports and/or articles. They must have a strong client focus, and have excellent communication, team coordination and applied training skills.

Start / Duration: 



Please send your most recent CV to job@afci.de

Please note, that only shortlisted experts will be contacted