Food Industry

Our experience working with food industry companies worldwide, plus our links to AFC group companies and DLG, makes us able to offer a broad range of services in this area. We support approaches which contribute to increased productivity, access to finance, business development, restructuring as well as capacity building.

Food Safety

Our consulting services comprise the handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness. This includes a number of routine and international standards that should be followed to avoid potentially severe health hazards and assure food quality. We aim to improve traceability of food as well as provide policy advice on food safety, risk management and veterinary controls.

Marketing and Export Promotion

We promote sustainable growth. Marketing strategy advice is a key part of our portfolio and includes customized solutions for agribusiness marketing, support for international trade fairs, study tours, sector studies, etc. Our marketing know-how is underpinned by our close cooperation with AFC group companies as well as with DLG-International GmbH.

In addition, we support the provision of market infrastructure. To enable emerging economies to participate in international economic agreements at various levels, we provide services and transitional support in trade promotion and trade finance.

Value Chain Approach

AFC Consultants International sets a priority on the farm-to-fork-approach within the framework of our pro-poor philosophy. As comprehensive solutions from primary agricultural production to consumer protection become more essential every day, we put into action value-chain-based implementation methods. Sustainability and quality management are core pillars of our approach.

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