Financial Sector Development

Micro and SME Finance

Following international best practices, our services include market analysis, the development and launching of new products including savings and insurance products, development of and training in credit policies and procedures, including appraisal techniques, credit risk assessment, cash flow-projections and monitoring and management of problem loans.

Financial Institutions Development

Involving all stakeholders, we set up and upgrade financial institutions and improve the strategic orientation, administrative set-up, internal control, managerial systems and staff qualifications, allowing our client to carry out their operations efficiently, successfully and independently on a long-term basis. A collaboration with the ADG (Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften / Academy of German Cooperatives) provides an ideal partnership to further strengthen our training competences. In previous assignments, we jointly implemented training in all relevant bank-related topics, both directly to our clients’ staff and their customers and through Train-the-Trainer programmes.

Rural and Agricultural Finance

With more than thirty years of experience in providing consulting services to the rural and agricultural sector, we possess unmatched expertise in this field. We use our in-depth knowledge and wide network of experts to offer services such as financing along value chains and outgrower schemes.

Sustainable Energy Finance

With services such as feasibility studies, financial modelling, product development, awareness promotion, borrower support and energy audits, we assist financial institutions in entering into the emerging markets of energy efficiency, renewable energies and cleaner production.

Risk Management

To enable our clients to analyse and reduce their risks, we implement tools and procedures for financial institutions. We consider risk management as an integrated process which comprises financial and operational risk management and treasury including asset liability management and internal audit.

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