Regional, Economic & Institutional Development

Regional and Local Development

At the subnational level, AFC supports decentralization efforts by strengthening the responsiveness, accountability and effectiveness of public institutions and enhances multi-stakeholder-dialogues in policy formulation and implementation. Our services include strategic development planning, local economic development, capacity building of public sector employees, strengthening of municipalities and inter-municipal associations, community development and organizational development of civil society actors.

Economic and Institutional Development

AFC has consolidated experience in the management of locally and regionally rooted economic and social development funds. We assist with the design and set up of fund management structures, the establishment of credit programmes, financing mechanisms and tender procedures as well as the capacity development of local and regional public and private actors in planning, implementation, monitoring and operation of infrastructure projects.

Private Sector Development in Agribusiness

Agricultural and agribusiness enterprises (micro, small and medium) are our focus group in the field of private sector development, where we contribute to making economic growth pro-poor. Consequently, we provide a comprehensive service package along the entire value chain, including capacity development of producer and marketing associations, implementation of Business Development Services, (re)structuring of wholesale markets, enhancement of interinstitutional coordination and adjustment of legal framework requirements.

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