Advising Ukraine on agricultural trade issues - within the framework of the deep and comprehensive free trade agreement DCFTA between the EU and Ukraine; short title: Agritrade (2nd project phase)

The project objective is to strengthen public and private structures in the Ukrainian agriculture and food sector for the further sustainable development of trade in the framework of the DCFTA.

Services provided
Activities on Outcome 1 (Agricultural trade policy dialogue):

  1. Continuation of the established German-Ukrainian working group (WG) on agricultural trade, coordination of the composition of the working group members and management of the working group as well as annual coordination of a catalogue of topics.
  2. Clarification of the possibility of a direct participation in the reform support team  (RST) working group “market development” and/or the mechanisms of a feedback of the RST WG activities with the WG “agricultural trade”.
  3. Development and coordination of a catalogue of topics/measures for MAPE consultation outside the working group.
  4. Preparation of consulting concepts for the agreed topics, selection of additional consultants if necessary, and documentation of the consultations.
  5. Development of a concept to support MAPF in strengthening the capacity of selected staff.
  6. Identification and exchange with relevant international projects for synergies in project implementation as well as for information on current consulting contents and political and economic developments.

Activities under Outcome 2 (Improvement of the export capability for SMEs in the agricultural sector):

  1. Expansion of the Agritrade network to include other suitable and interested organisations and associations such as chambers of commerce, state and private export promotion bodies and business promotion organisations active in the agricultural trade sector.
  2. Coordination of an annual work programme for the Agritrade project with the selected facilities.
  3. Coordination and support of the jointly planned measures carried out by partner organisations: at least one food forum in the EU or Ukraine each year, at least one market exploratory trip to the EU each year, at least one international trade fair participation each year, as well as local trade fair participations and events (with particular focus on the participation of female entrepreneurs) in cooperation with local partners in accordance with the work programme.
  4. Preparation and implementation of a training programme on DCFTA agricultural trade for enterprises working in the agricultural and food sector industries, in cooperation with local partners and in accordance with the work programme; with particular focus on the promotion and the participation of female entrepreneurs.
  5. In the selected institutions, GAP analysis regarding their capacities in agricultural trade promotion as well as DCFTA.
  6. Implementation of training and information events to strengthen the staff capacities of the selected local partners.
  7. Provision of information on market potential and market access to the EU and/or Ukraine (3 new publications and updates of existing publications).


Europe / CIS
Project number: 
2019-01-01 to 2021-12-31
GFA Consulting Group/German Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)