Banking and Financial Sector Development

The main focus of the project activities shall lie in the support to further develop the Master in Banking and Finance Programme offered by YUE.

Activities to be provided

  • A brief analysis of the competences needed in the banking market in Myanmar. Which banking staff competencies are crucial in the nearest future and what are major expectations of the financial institutions regarding the qualification of their staff.
  • Assistance of the Yangon University of Economics (YUE) in the implementation of systems/processes for quality assurance, including a feedback mechanism for students.
  • Development of a “Didactical Qualification Programme” for YUE lecturers combined with at least three pilot trainings/workshops reaching at least 15 lecturers. Tasks: (i) develop and implement course to enhance lecturer’s didactical skills and teaching methodologies (setting and reaching of learning objectives, presentation skills, principles of adult learning, innovation in learning); (ii) assessment of students’ performance.a
  • Based on joint prioritization of YUE and GIZ: (i) update the current training material and curriculum. (ii) Assist YUE to add additional course content/courses to their programme if found necessary.
  • Proposal for an instrument/platform that allows the University to align their programme with the practice (banking sector).
Asia (excl. CIS)
Project number: 
2015-07-01 to 2016-12-31