Expert dialogue on quality assurance of plant products from primary agricultural production

Development Goal: Egypt's regulatory structures and systems in the area of quality assurance are improved and high-quality herbal products are available to the Egyptian market.

Project objective: The Egyptian-German technical dialogue has been established and contributes to improving the structures and systems with regard to quality assurance in the primary agricultural production of plant products.

Direct target group: Scientific and technical staff of the ARC, MALR and other government agencies (scientific staff of government and private laboratories, agricultural extension staff, advisory service); private sector managers and staff (private laboratories, private agricultural extension organisations).

Indirect target group: Egyptian producers and consumers of plant-based products

Services provided include, but are not limited to:

Result 1: Basic analyses on the methodology of sampling plant products for the local market as well as on the local advisory system and the networking of ARC laboratories as well as the testing methods used in these laboratories are available, discussed with the relevant actors and serve as a basis for the German-Egyptian dialogue on improving quality assurance in the agricultural primary production of plant products for the local market.

Result 2: Recommendations for improving the monitoring system for sampling plant products of primary agricultural production for the local market have been developed and are being applied on a pilot basis.

Result 3: Improved extension approaches for farms producing crop products for the local market have been developed and are being implemented on a pilot basis.

Result 4: The laboratories responsible for the examination of primary agricultural products have been trained in the existing methods, and new methods have been introduced and validated. The equipment used for testing generates the test results as free as possible from interfaces.

Result 5: Results of sample testing are made available to the respective agricultural enterprises and

Project number: 
2022-01-01 to 2024-12-31