German-Moroccan Excellence Centre for Agriculture – Phase III

The German-Moroccan training centre contributes significantly to the modernization of the Moroccan agricultural sector, which began in 2008 with the implementation of the "Plan Maroc Vert". With the creation of the National Office of the Agricultural Council (ONCA) in 2013 and the law on the reorganisation of the agricultural consultance service in 2015, basic conditions which are crucial for the development of the sector have been established, aiming in particular to increase the contribution of the private sector service providers to agricultural advice and training.  It is within this framework that the Moroccan government has made available significant subsidies for modernisation and expansion investments targeting farms.

In this respect, the Centre of Excellence offers training on the efficient and sustainable production of cereals, potatoes, fodder plants, milk and meat. An important role is assigned to the use and mainte-nance of machines and good entrepreneurial management.

The projects aims at empowering agricultural farms and service providers to have the know-how to use new technologies and modern means of production in order to achieve a significant increase in yields and income that is economic- and ecologically sustainable.

Technical Assistance

  • Support for the establishment of a GIP in consultation with the Ministry and other institutions concerned and ensure its financing through a reliable contribution system
  • Extension/Adaptation of the centre's services (agricultural mechanisation, cereal production, potato production, forage production, dairy production, animal production, private actors in machinery, economic and agricultural investment planning)
  • Support the registration/accreditation process of GIP CECAMA as a consulting and training institution with MAPMDREF and/or ONCA
  • Implementation of courses, consulting services and demonstrations in the production of cereals, potatoes, fodder plants, rape and milk production
  • Evaluation of the training program (participant surveys)
  • Development/Adaptation of training materials, brochures and technical manuals
  • Updating of training curricula and capitalisation in a basic document available within the GIP
  • Development of recommendations for a sustainable agriculture and its integra-tion into the centre's programme
  • Organisation of annual field days and demonstration days, press conferences, study tours and participation in agricultural events and fairs
  • Internal and external communication (newsletter for association members, PR, advertising)
  • Establish an important network of the centre of excellence with organizations, associations, institutions and universities in the agricultural sector
  • Development of the centre as a platform for specific events of private partners    
  • Capacity building of national staff so that they are able to manage the GIP with-out project support
  • Establish a pool of short-term experts for the centre to mobilize - also after the project


Project number: 
ADT Project Consulting GmbH
2019-01-01 to 2020-12-31