Programme for Rural Development and Agriculture (ProDRA)

It is increasingly clear that to enhance the performance of small operators supported within the framework of the project ProDRA, there is a need for financial services that are tailored to small operators as well as to value chain actors. It is now obvious that the actors’ technical and economic productivity cannot truly increase in a rapid and permanent manner without having access to appropriate financial services, such as small loans, savings, and insurance. There are no accurate figures regarding the number of credits granted, however we can assume that this rate is quite low. Generally, these are not specific and adapted financial services, but widespread offers equally used for agricultural purposes.

The goal of the project is for selected value chains actors to be technically and economically more productive. More specifically, the projects aims at improving value chain actors’ access to agricultural financial services.

Services provided
Preparatory analyses

  1. Actors for the cooperation are identified (in particular IMF and small farmers), and their goals and needs are defined (especially for the northern regions).
  2. Concepts for the delivery of agricultural services, including credits, are developed.

Courses and continued training on the supply side

  1. Employees of financial service providers are trained in risk analysis, cash flow analysis, and agricultural education.
  2. Financial service providers are trained in the launching of new products.
  3. Agricultural advisers are trained in understanding new products.

Training on the demand side

  1. Small operators (part of the Farmer Business Schools) have received training in the area of financial literacy.
  2. Mid-level organisations receive advice in the domain of financial planning.

Support in the pilot launch of new financial services

  1. Interest mediation meetings are organised.
  2. Support is offered for the distribution of new products to small farmers.
  3. Small producers trained in financial literacy use savings products.
  4. Lessons learned are shared with relevant partners and used to improve the products.
Project number: 
2017-05-01 to 2020-10-31