Programme of Sustainable Economic Development (DEVED) - Component 2 : Promotion of Regional Economic Development: Preparation Missions for the Conceptualisation, Realisation and Promotion of Food Clusters (Tomatoes and Dates)

DEVED supports the MIPMEPI (Ministry of Industry, Small and Middle Enterprises and the Investment Promotion) on national and regional levels in the identification, structuration and promotion of innovative economic clusters representing a high economic potential and opportunities for increased employment creation. Given its broad experience in agriculture, food industry and agro-processing, AFC provided concept, realisation and promotion for two of these clusters (tomatoes and dates), this included:

  • Awareness raising for the cluster concept by delivery of workshops and organisation of round tables;
  • Establishing links between and promotion of networks of those involved in the two concerned value chains;
  • Consultation with stakeholders from both sectors concerned and raising their awareness for the promotion of clusters (producers, processors, business associations, public authorities and institutions, exporters, logistic experts, etc.).
  • Support the stakeholders from both sectors with regard to communication, structuration, formation of associations and creation of conditions to form food clusters;
  • Carry out an assessment of the two concerned sectors (stakeholders, structures, potentials, weaknesses, obstacles to their development, conditions, communication, political framework, etc.);
  • Development of a first concept for the promotion of the two clusters tomatoes and dates;
  • Analyses of the possibilities and steps to further develop the certification / labelling of Algerian dates, especially by conducting a study visit to the “BioFach” fair;
  • Study tour in Germany on the techniques of dates partitioning and syrup / sugar extraction.


Project number: 
AFC Management Consultants
2011-03-01 to 2012-11-30