Soil Protection and Soil Rehabilitation for Food Security - Elaboration of a medium-term development strategy for the Agence Foncier Agricole (AFA) in Tunisia "AFA 2050".


The study "AFA 2050" is being carried out as part of the GIZ project "Soil Protection and Rehabilitation (ProSOL)" in Tunisia. The overall objective of the project is to improve the capacities of the AFA agency through modernisation and digitalization aiming to establish a modern and functional land development authority.

In parallel, the map material available at the AFA is to be digitised and recorded in a database. In addition, the AFA will be offered legal advice on land rights issues and provided with advisory support in the land consolidation of 5,000 ha of arable land.

AFC, together with ECO Consult, is responsible for the preparation of a strategic study "Agence Foncier Agricole - AFA 2050".

The measure supports the AFA in:

  1. Elaboration of a medium-term development strategy of the agency (AFA 2050).
  2. Modernisation and capacity building within the agency
  3. Digitisation of existing maps using GIS and creation of a database.
  4. Legal advice on land law issues
  5. Reduce fragmentation of agricultural land
  6. Advice on land consolidation (5,000 ha)
Project number: 
ECO Consult
2021-09-06 to 2023-02-28