Support Programme for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Tunisia

The KfW with the approval of the Tunisian Ministry of Finance has envisaged a new project that will focus on startups and early-stage companies. The project’s core funding (€20 million) must be allocated in the form of a loan to the Tunisian State (component 1).

A support measure (€1.5 million) will also be available for capacity building. This capacity building will address startup and early-stage company segments at the level of partner financial institutions and entrepreneurs (component 2).  

The project also includes €13.5 million for the implementation of a guarantee mechanism or the support of an existing mechanism (component 3) to cover the risks associated to financing the startups and early-stage companies. It is also likely that there will be an additional commitment of up to €20 million in the form of equity capital for investments in early-stage and later-stage companies (component 4).  

Feasibility study aims to identify:

  1. The project’s objective
  2. The project’s target group
  3. The project borrower and sponsor
  4. The structure and components of the project

Services provided

  • Description, analysis, and evaluation of the project’s environment
  • Definition of the project’s objective and the target group
  • Identification, analysis, and detailed evaluation of the project’s sponsors
  • Description of the project’s conception and structure
  • Description of the interactions with other programmes and projects
  • Description, analysis, and detailed evaluation of the project’s main impacts and risks and its openness to suggestions     


Project number: 
2018-08-01 to 2019-01-31