Technical assistance in the programme: Creation of new agricultural and breeding farms in Algeria

The project aims at supporting and the reinforcing the institutional capacities of actors involved in the implementation of the programme “Creation of new agricultural and breeding farms (PCNEA)”. It also aims at promoting training and the integration into agriculture of Jeunes Entrepreneurs Agricoles et Ruraux (JEA & JER) (Young agricultural and rural entrepreneurs) to combat youth unemployment, especially of those having a diploma. 

The technical assistance comprises the following intervention areas:

  • Identification of training needs related to the programme of the creation of new farms.
  • Elaboration and implementation of a training programme.
  • Evaluation and  renewal of the programme.

With the following results:

  • Improvement of the level of knowledge and the professional qualification of participants (manager) and guidance staff, and supervising at local level.
  • Strengthening institutional capacities of BNEDER as delegated contractor responsible for the leadership of PCNEAE.
  • Adaptation of the education system in the light of lessons learnt of the technical assistance to BAD/MADR.
  • Installation of a reliable network of JEA/JER, development of activities of high value added and promotion of green entrepreneurship.
  • Evaluation of the operation, its replicability and extension and presentation of the bases to create structures for fostering new enterprises to promote JEA/JER.




Project number: 
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2016-02-15 to 2018-06-30