Value chain promotion in Livestock and Tourism; Development and promotion of new green economic practices.

The overall objective is to improve employment situation in tourism, livestock farming and fruit and vegetable sectors through the use of green economic approaches.

The module will support development and implementation of the new green economic approaches and practices in tourism, livestock and fruit and vegetables. These sectors are part of the National Export Plan and are characterised with high potential for employment and income generation and promotion of green economic practices and approaches. The module will strengthen the partner system at all three levels (macro: implementation of green policy approaches; meso: provision of services and other support for MSMEs; micro: awareness raising for creating demand and incentives for the private sector to shift to green and sustainable business practices).

Environmental issues, such as resource efficiency, climate protection; food safety, waste management and social inclusion will be within the focus of the module.

The module aims to create long-term employment and better income opportunities, that are socially inclusive with special attention to employment for young people, women and people with disabilities.
Given the significant impact of agriculture and tourism, which also includes transport both road and air, on climate change and environmental pollution, there is a great need to change inefficient and environmentally damaging practices that still dominate in the Kyrgyz economy.

Kyrgyzstan in the last two years has seen strong growth in tourism, where significant segments include cultural tourism with tourists visiting Kyrgyzstan as part of the longer tours covering neighbouring countries, and backpackers. In 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic the tourism and hospitality sector is the most affected, and with increased concerns of the customers on food safety, social and environmental it is becoming even more crucial to be proactive and switch from traditional business to environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices and processes. Moreover, if the industry remains to operate business as usual, Kyrgyzstan may lose a potential tourism segment that is willing to spend money on higher value tourist services. Kyrgyz government is committed to the notion of ‘build back better’ and sees tourism as an industry which has the capacity and potential to adapt greener practices.

Asia (incl. CIS)
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HELVETAS Germany, CaiCo Subcontractor
2021-04-15 to 2023-04-15